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Being the Change

Sometimes good people need a little help to make their lives whole. They come seeking relief from poverty, political oppression, and family abuse or neglect. We see them every day, disguised as mind-numbing, impersonal statistics. Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget that there are people hidden behind the numbers. And the only real way to create change, to help create better lives, to penetrate the fog of the statistics, is one person at a time. That is why at LSF, we strive for permanent change, offering a hand up not a hand out.

Helping our Florida Community
Helping our Florida Community
Through a variety of social services programs funded through state and federal contracts the dedicated staff work to strengthen families, welcome refugees and immigrants, care for the elderly, counsel teens and families in crisis and run safe place shelters and resource centers.
Inside The Numbers

I've been doing this job for more than five years and to watch these young people turn their lives around right before my eyes is still the best part.

– Jillian Durdan, LSF Family Focus Counselor


Children and families served through community counseling, foster care & adoption and family support programming


Youth found refuge and direction at one of our shelters or group homes


Refugees and immigrants from around the globe served


Adults supported who were at risk of exploitation due to age, disabilities or other life altering issues
Get to Know LSF Family Focus

Different programs to meet your needs.

LSF Family Focus is made up of many different programs that are tailored to meet the needs of their particular clientele.
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We work to protect and advocate for adults who may be unable to do so for themselves.

Adult Advocacy
LSF will craft a customized plan of care for your loved one to ensure they receive the care and services needed.
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LSF Adult Advocacy Services offers private guardianship and contracts with the office of public and professional guardianship to provide court-ordered services to clients.
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CINS/FINS (Children in Need of Services / Families in Need of Services) works with teens and families in crisis or distressing situations in both residential and non-residential environments.

Residential Services
LSF offers short-term, residential shelters for runaways and troubled youth. The goal of shelters for youth in crisis is to assist in reuniting families, identify issues, and help resolve them.
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Community Counseling
Children and teens who seem out of control are just crying out for help and mental health support. LSF offers free individual and family counseling to give you the tools to manage defiant behaviors.
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Our Crisis Intervention & Case Management program is dedicated to supporting and guiding children and families on their journey towards safety, well-being, and lasting stability. It is through our highly trained and skilled service providers that we are able to envelop children and their families in care and services that yield positive outcomes.

Crisis Intervention & Case Management
What sets LSF apart is our holistic approach to case management. We take the time to conduct thorough assessments, gaining deep insights into the specific needs, strengths and risks of each child and family.
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LSF is dedicated to supporting survivors of labor and sex trafficking through Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (TVAP) in Tampa Bay Area.

Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a significant issue in Florida; many people are forced into this life right in our backyard, right next door. If you or someone you know is experiencing this, LSF can help.
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LSF Family Focus is dedicated to helping children and families thrive in their everyday lives by offering programs and services such as Connecting Family Paths and the Children’s Board Family Resource Centers. We work to build up communities and ensure families have the support they need to remain connected.

Prevention & Diversion
LSF Family Focus is dedicated to helping families succeed and children thrive by providing services such as Connecting Family Paths and Children’s Board Family Resource Centers
Learn More about SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) Learn More about Connecting Family Paths Learn More about Children's Board Family Resource Centers
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We offer programs for refugees and immigrants to ensure they build safe and stable lives. Through assistance with housing, employment and permanent citizenship – LSF is dedicated to assisting newcomers to our country find equity in their new lives.

Refugee and Resettlement Services
Helping clients with resettlement services, refugee employment services, refugee youth services, and youth services.
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Immigration Services
Each individual and family is connected with a variety of options and services through a process called Case Management. Immigrants seeking services are connected with a Case Manager (CM) who can help them understand what services are available to them and how to access those services.
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This program is an in-depth, comprehensive treatment program for child sexual and physical abuse victims aged 3 through 17 and their families.

Sexual Abuse Treatment
This service aims to provide sexual/physical abuse treatment services for child victims and their families, reduce the trauma surrounding the abuse and prevent the recurrence of sexual/physical abuse.
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Client Stories

How LSF Family Focus helps change lives

Taking the first steps to getting help for you, your family, or a loved one is always hard.

Just know you are not alone in this journey.