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free children, youth and family counseling.

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Systemic issues, family mental health, and behavioral challenges in young people and children can create serious obstacles and even lead to families’ dissolution, places minors at risk, and create what seems like unmanageable issues. Through case management and various mental health and intervention services, LSF is investing in our community through our commitment to keeping families whole and intact whenever possible by providing crucial counseling services for youth and families in crisis. 

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Have a young child struggling with behavior problems?

SNAP is a family-focused program for children who are struggling with behavioral problems.

*not available at all locations

Children in Need of Services / Families in Need of Services


When children enter their teen years, families can have a tough time adapting to the challenges those years can bring. Young people in their teens often deal with newfound courage while dealing with a developing brain, uncontrolled hormonal shifts, and the inability to control their impulses.

Counseling is a proven, powerful tool for helping young people and their families work together to overcome life’s most difficult struggles and complicated conflicts. LSF works with teens and families in crisis or distressing situations in both residential and non-residential environments. We help families become whole again. We can help connect families with low-cost or free counseling services.

Free children, youth and family counseling

We are here to help

Are you worried about your teen or child’s sudden behavioral changes and emotional state?

No one prepares parents for the challenges faced when raising a family, especially during the teen years. LSF offers free individual and family counseling through a family strengthening program known as Children in Need of Services/Families in Need of Services (CINS/FINS).  

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Through mental health counseling, you will get the tools to deal with parenting children and teens displaying defiant and hard-to-manage behaviors. Children and teens who seem out of control are just crying out for help for mental health support. 

Weekly counseling sessions provide: 

  • A plan of action with goals and tools to meet them 
  • The tools to help you and your child manage anger 
  • Strategies to help you resolve conflict 
  • Ways to strengthen the family bond 
  • Coping strategies when things are most difficult

We currently serve Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee, Escambia, Okaloosa and Milton Counties. To find the closest location to you, view the map below

Reach out to us if your teen (12-19 yrs old) or young child (6-11 yrs old) is struggling with any of the following: 

  • Running away from home  
  • Regularly missing school without leave or explanation (also known as truancy or truant youth) 
  • Exhibiting defiant behavior, ignoring guidance from parents/caregivers and teachers (also referred to as ungovernable) 
  • Is violent or aggressive towards you or others 
  • Is consuming illegal substances  
  • Is engaging in behaviors that can land them in the criminal justice system (Also visit LSF Teen Court) 
  • Might be struggling with a mental health disorder 
  • Screening and Assessment
    We begin by asking you a series of questions to help us gather information about the challenges you are facing at home. This process is overseen by a Masters level clinician in collaboration with a certified and trained team of professionals. 
  • Mental Health Evaluations and Treatment Plan
    Clinicians develop an individualized treatment plan that meets the specific needs of the youth and family’s specific needs, utilizing evidence-based programs and approaches. 
  • Referrals
    Clinicians address mental health concerns and provide referrals to an appropriate provider if necessary. 
  • Aftercare and Follow-up
    A structured approach to aftercare that reinforces lessons and skills developed to prevent relapse and connects youth and families to additional support systems. 
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