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Reducing the Trauma

surrounding the abuse.

A way to heal

Sexual Trauma Treatment

The Trauma Treatment program at LSF Family Focus is an in-depth, comprehensive treatment program for child sexual and physical abuse victims aged 3 through 17 and their families. Trauma does not have to destroy a life or define a person. Learn more below about how LSF can help make a difference through treatment and case management. Treatment is provided free of charge and without regard to socioeconomic status or racial/ethnic background.  


3401 N. 12th Avenue
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Phone 850-595-5815
Fax 850-595-5819

This service aims to provide sexual/physical abuse treatment services for child victims and their families, reduce the trauma surrounding the abuse, and prevent the recurrence of sexual/physical abuse.  

All referrals must have been reported to law enforcement or the Department of Children and Families.  

Due to the stigma of sexual abuse and the complexities of the issue, the prevalence of sexual abuse of children is difficult to determine. It often goes unreported. However, some studies show 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult*. The adult offender is usually a trusted adult or even a family member. Sexual and physical abuse traumatizes people, most particularly young people. Getting help can cause be an exceedingly difficult part of the process, but it can be the key to helping a child and their family overcome the effects of the trauma. Children who do not get treatment can grow up to have severe mental health issues treatable as children. You and your child do not have to suffer alone without any tools to handle to enormity of this situation.


* David Finkelhor, Anne Shattuck, Heather A. Turner, & Sherry L. Hamby, The Lifetime Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Assessed in Late Adolescence, 55 Journal of Adolescent Health 329, 329-333 (2014) 

Children who have experienced sexual abuse, their siblings, and their non-offending caregivers receive needed help through the LSF abuse treatment service.

Professional, caring, certified, Master’s level therapists who specialize in the treatment of sexual and physical abuse provide the following services:  

  • Case Management, a trained LSF staff member, is assigned to your case and will support you through the entire process.   
  • Program Orientation  
  • Safety Planning  
  • Treatment Planning  
  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy (learn more below)  
  • An evaluation of an individual’s mental health and social well-being that is also known as Psychosocial Assessment  
  • Expert Witness Testimony  
  • Community Awareness and Education   

Our multidisciplinary teams include:  

  • The Department of Children and Families Investigative Unit  
  • The Child Protection Team provides medical services, forensic interviews, and psychological evaluations.  
  • Law Enforcement for criminal investigation.  
  • We can assist with the prosecution of the offender through the State Attorney.  
  • LSF Trauma Treatment program, which provides specialized sexual/physical abuse treatment services.  

Therapy brings the victim and the family out of isolation, reduces shame and guilt, and provides a support group that raises self-esteem and reduces long-term negative consequences. Individual, family, and group sessions are utilized, as clinically indicated.   

Where are these services offered?  

Our program serves Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. We are in the Gulf Coast Kid’s House, which is a child advocacy center where multidisciplinary teams (MDT) strive to serve abused and neglected children better.   

Funding partners include the Florida Department of Health, Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), Lakeview Center Inc. and United Way of Escambia County.